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Julian Assange « homme de l’année » pour Le Monde / Julian Assange named Man of the Year by Le Monde

Julian Assange « homme de l’année » pour Le Monde / Julian Assange named Man of the Year by Le Monde>
Portait painted of Julian Assange wikileaks at the Abode of Chaos / Demeure du Chaos par thierry Ehrmann, Wall-paint by Cart’1 @ the Abode of Chaos
(Creative Commons Paternity) original version free on Flickr 2592 x 3872

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PARIS Julian Assange a été élu « homme de l’année » par la rédaction du quotidien Le Monde, qui consacre au fondateur de WikiLeaks un grand portrait et la Une de son supplément magazine hebdomadaire à paraître le 24 décembre 2010

Le Monde est un des cinq grands journaux occidentaux – avec The New York Times, The Guardian, El Pais et Der Spiegel – à s’être associé à WikiLeaks pour la publication des mémos de la diplomatie américaine.

Julian Assange, qui a passé neuf jours en prison début décembre, est assigné à résidence en Angleterre, sous le coup d’une demande d’extradition de la Suède…/…Depuis le 19 décembre 2010, il est réellement en danger de mort avec Joe Biden, vice-président américain qui veut contourner l’Espionage Act de 1917 avec les procureurs, démontrer que Julian Assange a comploté selon les mots du vice-président. « L’accuser de complot permettrait notamment à l’administration américaine de rendre M. Assange responsable d’atteinte à la sécurité nationale, tout en justifiant que les médias traditionnels restent couverts par la liberté d’expression protégée par la Constitution »

Les internautes du site web du journal ont également élu Assange comme « homme de l’année » (56,2%) devant le Prix Nobel de la paix le Chinois Liu Xiaobo (22,3%) et l’Américain Mark Zuckerberg (6,9%), le fondateur de Facebook.

La semaine passée, Time avait sacré « homme de l’année » Mark Zuckerberg, un choix contraire à celui des lecteurs du magazine américain qui se portait sur Julian Assange. © 2010 AFP.

PARIS – Julian Assange has been elected Man of the Year by the editorial team of Le Monde. The French daily has written a substantial portrait of the founder of WikiLeaks and his photo appears on the cover of their weekly supplement to be published on 24 December 2010.

Le Monde is one of the five major Western newspapers – along with the The New York Times, The Guardian, El País and Der Spiegel – to have joined up with WikiLeaks for the publication of the American diplomatic cables.

Julian Assange, who spent nine days in prison at the start of December, is currently under house arrest in England, until a decision is made regarding Sweden’s extradition request …/… Since 19 December 2010, Assange is in mortal danger as Joe Biden, the US Vice-President, and the State Prosecutors are trying to indict Julian Assange for breaching the 1917 Espionage Act by participating in a “plot”. “Accusing him of plotting would allow the US administration to accuse Mr Assange of being responsible for a threat to national security, while simultaneously allowing the traditional media to remain covered by the Freedom of Expression guaranteed by the US Constitution.”

Visitors to Le Monde’s website also elected Julian Assange Man of the Year (56.2%) ahead of the Chinese Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo (22.3%) and the American founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg (6.9%).

Last week, TIME magazine chose Mark Zuckerberg as their Man of the Year, a choice that was contrary to that of the majority of its readers, who actually chose Julian Assange as well.


Assange arrested, Wikileaks lives

Julian Assange . Wikileaks
Portrait of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Photo credit: Abode of chaos

Julian Assange has been arrested and refused bail but the Wikileaks organisation remains operational despite US cyberattacks.

Whistleblower website Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who has been in virtual hiding in south-east London, has been arrested on a European arrest warrant by British police over alleged Swedish sexual assault claims. Assange, who appeared at a police station at 09.30 today by appointment, has been refused bail and will be remanded in custody until December 14 when a extradition hearing will take place. Wikileaks has vowed to continue with the publication of US diplomatic cables despite the arrest of its founder.

The arrest follows repeated cyber attacks on Wikileaks and the freezing of Assange’s bank account by Swiss post bank PostFinance. The arrest is being interpreted by his supporters as a US-led campaign to decapitate the Wikileaks project in the wake of Cablegate. Opponents of Assange are pleased to see the legal net tighten on a man they consider a dangerous, unaccountable renegade who endangers lives in the quest for transparency.

According to The Guardian, one of the news organisations carrying the Wikileaked cables, Assange has told friends he is increasingly convinced the US is behind Swedish prosecutors’ attempts to extradite him for questioning on the assault allegations and believes that Sweden is behaving as “a cipher” for the US.

The arrest of Assange means most media attention surrounding Cablegate has now shifted to the plight of the founder. Assange’s lawyer Mark Stephens said the issue could be summed up as a “dispute over consensual but unprotected sex” and informed BBC Newsnight viewers that Assange has been repeatedly trying to set up a meeting with the Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny to clear his “good name.”

“As the legal net continued to close around the whistleblowers’ website and the US attorney general, Eric Holder, said he had authorised ‘a number of things to be done’ to combat the organisation, Assange appeared to be reconciling himself to a lengthy personal court battle to avoid extradition to Sweden,” interpreted Owen Boycott at The Guardian.

“The decision to press on (with publication) will help allay fears among Assange’s supporters that his arrest would hobble the organisation’s work,” said Robert Booth at The Guardian, who reported that his paper “understands the organisation has no plans to release the insurance file of the remaining cables, which number more than 200,000.”

US at war with Wikileaks?

US political condemnation of Assange has become increasingly vicious. Sarah Palin described Assange as “an anti-American operative with blood on his hands” and senior Republican Mike Huckabee said that “anything less than execution is too kind a penalty.” Indeed, anti-Wikileaks hysteria has spread like wildfire through Washington. “The federal government seems to have lost its mind in a manic game of internet whack-a-mole aimed at getting the Wikileaks State Deaprtment cables thrown down the memory hole,” reported Gawker in relation to news that US military in Iraq are being warned they are breaking the law if they read the leaks online. “The feds have clearly lost it. Many of those soldiers receiving the warnings have security clearances that would have granted them access to the State Department cables before they were leaked,” pointed out Gawker.

US administration fury is shared by many US commentators. Writing at The Washington Post, Mark A. Thiessen urged the US to accept it is at war with Wikileaks. In response to Assange’s Twitter tweet – “The first serious infowar is now engaged. The field of battle is WikiLeaks. You are the troops” – Thiessen urged action: “WikiLeaks represents a new and unprecedented cyber threat that cannot be ignored or wished away. Just as terrorism allows small groups of individuals to wreak destruction on a scale that was once the province of nation-states, information technology allows small actors such as Julian Assange to wreak previously unimagined destruction on U.S. national security through cyberspace. This is a threat that requires a U.S. response. Hillary Clinton is right – WikiLeaks has attacked America.”

Internet versus old world order?

John Naughton at The Guardian argued that the US reaction to Cablegate displays the “intolerance of the old order” when challenged by the “culture of the internet.” “The response has been vicious, co-ordinated and potentially comprehensive, and it contains hard lessons for everyone who cares about democracy and about the future of the net.” To Naughton, “What WikiLeaks is really exposing is the extent to which the western democratic system has been hollowed out. In the last decade its political elites have been shown to be incompetent (Ireland, the US and UK in not regulating banks); corrupt (all governments in relation to the arms trade); or recklessly militaristic (the US and UK in Iraq). And yet nowhere have they been called to account in any effective way. Instead they have obfuscated, lied or blustered their way through. And when, finally, the veil of secrecy is lifted, their reflex reaction is to kill the messenger.”

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Julian ASSANGE arrested . Wikileaks
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Wikileaks – Julian Assange is the natural son of Lorenz

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Julian Assange / Wikileaks is the natural son of Lorenz

Julian Assange - Wikileaks

For those who have just arrived on Planet Earth, let me remind you that what we are experiencing since last Sunday evening is the “Pearl Harbor of Global Democracy” according to Hilary Clinton and the “9/11 of American Diplomacy” according to Barak Obama and his advisors. After 400,000 secret documents on the operating methods of the US army in Iraq, Assange has broken the sound barrier since Sunday with 250,000 diplomatic cables that concern 179 countries! Le Monde, Der Spiegel, El País, the Guardian and the New York Times… according to the latter, more than 1,200 journalists are picking their way through roughly half a billion words of extremely contemporary cables, the most recent of which dates from March 2010. For historians who normally have to wait 50 years before getting access to such material, this is a dream come true. In this case the diplomatic cables are not much older than 7 months. Their scope is colossal. Hence the US State Department’s cry of “murder”…

My dear little wolves and she-wolves, in truth, I tell you, Sunday night tens of thousands of writers put an end to their lives … Imagine you were a Sci-Fi or Anticipation writer, director of Sci-Fi – Fantasy Collection at Pocket, Denoël or Rivages.

According to Laurent COURAU, the mythical founder of the Spirale who is postponing his suicide, “Assange and Wikileaks have definitively relegated fiction to beneath reality and we are seeing a veritable incarnation of the cyber-punk imagination right now in this early 21st century”.

As I see it, Julian Assange is the natural son of Lorenz (Edward Norton), he is quite simply the “Black Swan” of the beginning of this century… he is breaking the seals one by one in the agora of the ethers that is Internet.

Last precaution: Julian Assange has placed a small encrypted file entitled Insurance History on the Swedish Server of Pirate Bay (specialist in the illegal download of music and film music). On Twitter, he recommends that his followers download the file and await his instructions…

thierry Ehrmann, Abode Of Chaos / Demeure du Chaos 2010

Peinture: Thomas Foucher


courtesy of Organ Museum

Pour ceux qui arriveraient sur la planère Terre, je leur rappelle que, ce que nous vivons depuis dimanche soir, est le « Pearl Harbor de la Diplomatie mondiale » cqfd Hillary Clinton et selon Obama et ses conseillers le « 11 septembre de la diplomatie américaine ». Après 400 000 documents confidentiels, relatifs au mode opératoire de l’armée américaine en Irak, il passe le mur du son avec depuis dimanche soir, 250 000 dépêches diplomatiques qui frappent plus de 179 pays ! Le Monde, Der Spiegel, El PAis, the Guardian et New York Times. Selon ce dernier, plus de 1 200 journalistes sont jour et nuit sur une base de données de près d’un demi milliard de mots… sur des dépêches diplomatiques ultra-récentes donts les dernières datent de mars 2010. C’est le rêve de l’historien qui doit normalement patienter jusqu’à 50 ans pour pouvoir accéder à de tels trésors. Ici les dépêches diplomatiques ont à peine plus de 7 mois. Tout y passe. D’où le département d’état américain qui hurle à l’assassin…

Mes p’tits loups, mes p’tites louves, en vérité, je vous le dis, dimanche soir des dizaines de milliers d’écrivains se sont donnés la mort… Imaginez une seconde que vous soyiez écrivain de SF ou d’Anticipation, directeur de Collection SF – Fantasy chez Pocket, Denoël ou Rivages.

Selon Laurent COURAU, fondateur mythique de la Spirale qui repousse son suicide, il déclare : « Assange et Wikileaks relèguent définitivement la fiction loin derrière la réalité et l’on assiste à la véritable incarnation de l’imaginaire cyber-punk dans ce début de XXIème siècle ».

A mes yeux, Julian Assange est le fils naturel de Lorenz (Edward Norton), il est tout simplement le « Cygne Noir » du début de ce siècle, il brise les sceaux un par un dans l’agora des éthers qu’est l’Internet.

Ultime précaution : Julian Assange a placé sur le serveur suédois de Pirate Bay (spécialisé dans les téléchargements illicites de musique et de films), un petit fichier crypté mystérieux, baptisé »Assurance historique ». Sur Twitter, il recommande à ses partisans de le télécharger et d’attendre les instructions.

thierry Ehrmann