Artprice 20th birthday, editorial by thierry Ehrmann, Artist, founder and CEO of Artprice.

20 Years for Artprice!

Art Press Agency

Artprice is 20 today. That might sound young to some, but in terms of the digital economy, that’s very old indeed.

A legendary organisation in many respects, Artprice experienced the most extraordinary IPO in the history of the Paris stock exchange, reaching a capitalization in excess of EUR 400 million within hours.

It has suffered severe corrections as well, notably after the new-tech stocks crash in 2000, nine-eleven, the 2nd Gulf War, the financial crisis of 2007 and a number of other exogenous events, and its iconoclastic approach has made it the target of lengthy lawsuits brought by monopolistic behemoths riding on centuries of Art Market omerta and opacity.

Artprice has survived a climate of irrational animosity from certain quarters, sometimes involving outlandish fantasies; but each attack has made the company stronger… and wiser.

Using the Internet – a domain in which its parent company Groupe Serveur has been a…

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