Artprice launches its “blue-chip” Art Market index, Artprice100®, designed for financiers and investors

Art Press Agency

Artprice’s Global Index® shows an average value increase for artworks of +30% since the index was started 20 years ago. Although this is an appreciable performance particularly at a time when central banks’ interest rates are close to zero in the United States (FED) and negative in Europe (ECB), if we focus uniquely on the most stable segment of the market, we find a much more impressive value accretion.

Thierry Ehrmann, founder and CEO of Artprice, said “Artprice’s econometrics department has created a new index that ignores the most volatile artists (those most subject to the price impact of fashion and speculation) and focuses exclusively on the art market’s “blue-chip” artists. This new index, Artprice100®, shows that art is an extremely competitive financial investment over the longer term.”

Artprice’s new Artprice100® scientific index is subject to IPR protection and represents a major new weapon in Artprice’s commercial arsenal as World…

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