Art markets’ visibility: the alliance between Artprice, Artron and Cision

Art Press Agency

An obsolescent hegemony and the birth of competition.

By Aude de Kerros.

At the beginning of 2019, the international art market is experiencing an evolution that will likely have a profound impact on the existing global art market system. The event underlying this structural change is an unexpected and unprecedented strategic business alliance between three companies based on the creation and operation of databanks. Two are specialized in the field of art – both with an online sales capacity – and a third (Cision) selects information from the international press and feeds that information to the press and media directly concerned.

The alliance comes at the end of a decade that has seen a technological revolution in communication and a profound change in geopolitical power relations. Moreover, a clivage has emerged between a very high-end mainstream art market with global visibility, the ‘contemporary-international’ art market, and a whole series of…

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