Artprice (Beijing): The West’s immense interest in Chinese art

Art Press Agency

Far from Beijing and Shanghai, thousands of kilometers from the Middle Kingdom, masterpieces of Chinese art survive, change hands and move from collection to collection. In New York, London, Paris and Brussels, Western collectors – fascinated by an entirely different relationship to drawing, writing, form and colour – are keen to obtain historical works of Chinese art – sometimes thousands of years old.

thierry Ehrmann : “Europeans and Americans are also interested in the great 20th century Chinese masters, especially those who managed to build bridges with Western culture… while lots of Contemporary Chinese artists (graduates of major art schools in the country) have managed to garner the support of some prestigious galleries in the United States and to seduce some of the Western world’s most powerful collectors”.

Top 5 Chinese artists outside China

by 2018 Auction Turnover

Zao Wou-Ki (1921-2013) 赵无极 $31,250,600

Zhang Daqian (1899-1983) 张大千 $18,509,500

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