Artprice by ArtMarket presents the Top 25 Street Artists: Banksy’s success in not a market anomaly

Art Press Agency

With a new auction record of $12.2 million hammered at the beginning of October, street artist Banksy definitely stands out on the Art Market. But don’t forget that earlier this year, in April, Kaws – another artist from the graffiti scene – reached a new record of $14.8 million in Hong Kong. And what about Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring?

Despite Banksy’s incognito status, Street Art is no longer an anonymous art form; who hasn’t heard of Sherpard Fairey (Obey) or Invaders? Who doesn’t know Stik’s little men? From the Berlin Wall to Wynwood (Miami), Street Art is not only tolerated by local authorities, it has become an attraction and even a ‘must-see’ for tourists. For the Art Market, the street has become a kind of hothouse incubator.

thierry Ehrmann, founder /CEO of and its Artprice department: “Long considered an illegal practice, Street Art has become the height…

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